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Efficiency of A Global Algorithm for Retrieving SST From Satellite Data In A Subtropical Region

M. Arbelonext term, P. Hernández-Leal, J. P. Díaz, F. J. Expósito and F. Herrera

Dep. de Física Fundamental y Experimental, Univ. de La Laguna, 38071 La Laguna, Islas Canarias, Spain

Available online 17 February 2000.


A global split-window algorithm for the retrieval of sea surface temperature from AVHRR has been developed using a radiative transfer code. In order to analyze the performance of the equation obtained which is applied to the Canary Islands zone, we have simulated a set of satellite measurements. The purpose was to classify the errors determined by the global algorithm, depending on the atmospheric situation at each moment. In the final results we give an explanation of the inefficient performance of global algorithm in comparison with a regional algorithm.


Advances in Space Research
Volume 25, Issue 5 , 2000, Pages 1041-1044