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Publications in International Journals

AUTHORS: Podestá, G.P., M. Arbelo, R. Evans, K. Kilpatrick, V. Halliwell and J. Brown.
TITLE: Errors in high-latitude SSTs and other geophysical products linked to NOAA-14 AVHRR channel 4 problem.
REF.: GeophysIcal. Research Letter. Vol 30 (11): 1548, doi:10.1029/2003GL017178. 2003

AUTHORS: Arbelo, M., G.P. Podestá, P.A. Hernández-Leal and J.P. Díaz.
TITLE: Use of TOMS data to correct the Saharan dust effects on SST retrievals from satellite.
REF.: Advances in Space Research. Vol 32: 2175-2180. 2003.

AUTHORS: Diaz, J.P.,  Arbelo, M., Expósito F.J., Podestá, G., Prospero, J.M., Evans, R. 
TITLE:Relationship between errors in AVHRR-derived sea surface temperature and the TOMS Aerosol Index. 
REF.: GeophysIcal. Research Letter. Vol. 28  No. 10 ,1989-1992, 2001

AUTHORS: M. Arbelo, P.A. Hernández-Leal, J.P. Díaz, F.J. Expósito, F. Herrera.
TITLE: Efficiency of a global algorithm for retrieving SST from satellites data in a subtropical region.
REF.: Advances in Space Research. 25 (5), 1041-1044, 2000.

AUTHORS: P.A. Hernández-Leal, M. Arbelo, F.J. Expósito, J.P. Díaz, F. Herrera.
TITLE: A technique to estimate the emissivity of a volcanic area at wavelengths of AVHRR TIR channels
REF.: Advances in Space Research. 26 (7), 1085-1088, 2000.

AUTHORS: M. Arbelo, F. Herrera, F. J. Expósito, V. Caselles, C. Coll.
TITLE: Determination of sea surface temperature using combined TOVS and AVHRR data. Application to the Canary Islands area. Spain.
REF.: Int. J. Remote Sensing, Vol. 17, No. 2, 359-371, 1996.

AUTHORS: F. J. Expósito, J. P. Díaz, M. Arbelo, F. Herrera, J. C. Guerra
TITLE: First intercomparison of aerosol optical depth between the AVHRR-NOAA and the Optronic OL-752 in the Canary Islands zone.
REF.: Int. J. Remote Sensing, Vol. 18 No. 10 , 2247-2252, 1997.

AUTHORS: J. Ariz, A. Delgado de Molina, J. C. Santana, M. Arbelo, F. Herrera, P. A. Hernández. TITLE: Relación entre las capturas de patudo Thunnus Obessus (Lowe 1839), la temperatura superficial y diversos fenómenos mesoescalares, mediante el uso de teledetección infrarroja en el área de las Islas Canarias durante 1994. 
REF.: Collective Volume of Scientific Papers, Int. Com. Con. Atlan. Tun. (ICCAT), Vol L(1), 393-403, 1998.

AUTHORS: F.J. Expósito, J.P. Díaz, P.A. Hernández-Leal, M. Arbelo, F. Herrera, C. Torres, V. Carreño. 
TITLE: Aerosol phase function modeling in Saharan dust invasions using the ratio AVHRR-NOAA ch1/ch2. 
REF.: Advances in Space Research. 26 (6), 1013-1016, 2000.

AUTHORS: J.P. Díaz, F.J. Expósito, M. Arbelo, P.A. Hernández-Leal, C. Torres, V. Carreño.
TITLE: Radiative transfer modeling in the UV-VIS region with the presence of Saharan mineral desert aerosols. 
REF.: Advances in Space Research. 26 (6), 1009-1012, 2000.

Publications in National Journals

AUTHORS: F. Herrera y M. Arbelo.
TITLE:  Satélites meteorológicos.
REF.: Rev. Acad. Canar. Cienc., III, 2, 9-20, 1991.

AUTHORS: M. Arbelo, F.J. Expósito, P.A. Hernández y F. Herrera.
TITLE: NDVI a partir de imágenes de satélite y su correlación con la pluviometría en Canarias.
REF.: Rev. Acad. Canar. Cienc., 1 y 2, 149-159, 1992.

AUTHORS: M. Arbelo, O. Bayó y F. Herrera.
TITLE: Modelo para la corrección atmosférica en el infrarrojo térmico. Simulación de medidas de satélite.
REF.: Rev. Acad. Canar. Cienc., IV, 1- 2, 139-148, 1992.

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